Many women feel self-conscious about having small boobs, not realizing that there is nothing wrong with it, but we understand you, women are never happy with what we have, we always want something more. It’s important for you to know that there are outfits that can make your big natural tits look better and more beautiful than a pair of huge boobs.

Remember that fashion is everyone’s ally, it’s just important to know how to adapt it to your body type to make your breasts look much sexier and fashion tips from someone like Celina Jaitly will probably be very helpful to make you feel proud and comfortable with those small boobs.

Do not add more:

The most important tip is not to add much more volume to those breasts, wear it as it is or at most apply some volume subtly. A perfect example of this would be to help you with underwear such as push-up bras that will help lift your bust by visually increasing its volume so you can look much better in those tight clothes, nothing that makes you look disproportionate!

Avoid plunging necklines:

Yes, it’s as simple as that… avoid wearing plunging necklines as they will show off your small size. The best you can do (during the winter) is to use turtlenecks and all those closed cuts that certainly favor you and in the summer months the most sensible will be to use round necks and small V-necklines ideal for highlighting your tits.

Divert attention:

Printed tops, blouses and some jackets are ideal to draw attention away from your bust to your entire upper body. Keep in mind that the brighter the colors the better it will be for you as well as combining it with a couple of accessories such as necklaces and a nice pair of earrings will definitely draw the eyes to your face and neck area.

all shapes

Although most girls with small breasts wish they were large, the reality is that small breasts have their advantages, both for image and health, as you are less likely to get neck or back pain from carrying more weight than normal. Plus, the clothes look great and give you a more youthful appearance. That’s why we want you to love and accept yourself as you are, and leave behind the complexes that detract from your image.

You should be proud of your attributes, big or small, because your security and self-confidence is what makes you more. The female body is beautiful in all its dimensions, no matter how tall or short you are, if you are thin or robust, you should love yourself as you are.